Wednesday, October 12, 2011

put your records on

this past saturday after spending some time in the city, my friend EMILY and i came back to my studio apartment and had a very girlie-yet-grown up sleepover. we ate fresh cookies from insomia & watched 30 rock while we caught up on life.

emily had just spent some time living in wisconsin, so she was on a great BON IVER kick. of course i didn't mind, so i put his first record for emma, forever ago on my crosley record player... 

i love that little corner of my room, where i have the record player sitting on top a tiny folding table. there's a vintage silk scarf draped over the table, letting my nightlight glow through the patterns & creating beautiful shadows on the wood floor.

there is something so serene & soothing about listening to your favorite record, don't you think?

happy wednesday!

LOVE, gabrielle


  1. For some reason your art reminds me of Paris.:)

  2. ... I agree with you, definitely :)

  3. your blog is adorable, i love all of your little pictures!

    you've got yourself a new follower xx