Tuesday, October 18, 2011

alumni & family weekend

this past weekend i took a trip up to my college town, ONEONTA, NY. i haven't been there in a year so it was really good to go back & feel nostalgic for college days.

the best part is the 3 hour car ride. i love listening to my music & knitting or drawing... the ride is very scenic as well, especially in the fall. we passed a lot of pretty overlooks & farmland.

the two days in oneonta included a lot of eating at the various establishments in town, hitting a few of the local bars & of course, shopping.

i stayed with my parents & brother in the hotel so it almost felt like a mini vacation!

at the campus bookstore i bought this 'vintage' style shirt & my brother bought a sticker for our car. we have lots of school spirit going on! there was a CRAFT FAIR as well & my mother and i bought a lot of goodies :)

it was a fun weekend & i hope to be back in oneonta soon!

LOVE, gabrielle


  1. I graduated an year ago too... and I feel nostalgic too :)

    as usual...I love your way of drawing :)


  2. lovely illustrations at your site... i`ll be visiting : )