Sunday, February 19, 2012

custom portraits

earlier this month i had the opportunity to create a portrait for a couple's anniversary. it was such a pleasure drawing them & their adorable pets!

if you would like your own custom portrait, visit my etsy store & choose which one you would like!

LOVE, gabrielle

Thursday, November 3, 2011

take a break

sometimes you just need to take a break from what you're doing & smell the roses. or better yet, draw them.

so this is what i came up with during my break...

tomorrow is friday... i'm ready for the weekend! aren't you?

LOVE, gabrielle


two weeks ago, i adopted a kitten to keep me company in my new apartment! i was planning on doing this for a while and it seemed like the right time. i'm settled in to my place & i could definitely use the company!

i decided to adopt from the SPCA of westchester on one of my days off from work.

when i arrived at the shelter, with a few of my friends for support, i was led to the kitty corner where all the cats are housed. there was a seperate kitten room & that's when i saw the cutest black & white long-haired kitten sitting, waiting for someone to love him!

after holding him for a while i decided i wouldn't be able to leave the shelter without him, so i filled out the application, and a half hour later we were in the car driving home!

when i arrived at my apartment i showed him around the place & let him explore. i also decided on naming him PIERRE. i thought he looked french!

so far he has been the most adorable kitten i could hope for! he is affectionate and loves to play with toys and my feet. i can't help but smile & laugh whenever i look at him!

i'm sure this is just the first of many 'pierre' related posts!

LOVE, gabrielle