Wednesday, October 5, 2011

first days of autumn

hello! how have you been?

lately, i've been enjoying myself in the new apartment... i sewed curtains for my window, baked cupcakes multiple times & hosted my first little party for some friends! 

it's been busy around here too. summer has finally wound down & freelance work is picking up quickly.

i felt the first days of fall a few weeks ago, towards the end of september. it was chilly & rainy, but i honestly didn't mind throwing on jeans & my new blouse i bought so long ago but has been too hot to wear.

i love the menswear pattern of this blouse, while the silky material & the bib neckline keep it feminine. since buying this shirt at the end of the summer sort of inspired my autumn "look" this year!

i'm really looking forward to thrifting for lots of buttondowns, flannels & cable knit sweaters. i'm also really in the mood for black ankle boots & gold sparkly accessories! (i'm thinking about some DIYs for those, too)

what special pieces are you looking forward to this fall?

LOVE, gabrielle

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